About A Promise to God

Campbell A. Iverson was an extraordinary, ordinary man.  A Promise to God is the biography of this man whose life is still impacting current generations of family and friends.  Author Laura (Porras) Parks walks you through the life and times of a humble servant of God.  Every aspect of Campbell’s (Cam’s) life is explored, from his mother’s start in Norway, to his death from a broken heart in Olympia, Washington, in November of 1988.  A Promise to God will give you hope that one person really can make a difference in this world.  This book explores the emotions and miracles, the highs and lows of a life dedicated to ministry, and a man’s commitment to family and to the fulfillment of dreams.  The reader will come to know this man who lived life with a passion and gave it everything he had.  It is a message of inspiration, hope, courage, faith, and humor.  It is the honest, vulnerable account of a man who made and kept A Promise to God.