About me

I currently have three books published and am always working on anoher one.  My first book was a 23 year collection of poetry and prose, Alias "The Rose," published in 2003 under my former last name, Porras. 

Right after that was was released, the gentleman I was working for at the time asked me if I would be willing to write the biography of his Grandfather, Pastor Campbell A. Iverson.  I was all too happy to comply and A Promise to God was born.  I spent about a year and a half researching and then passed the manuscript by the family before publication.  A Promise to God was also writen under my former last name and was released by Tate Publishing in 2005.  I have since returned all the rights to that book to the Bellows family. 

My greatest piece of work is Under the Broken Halo.  It is my personal story and it details how even under sometimes insurmountable odds, I was still able to get up each morning and carry on.  My autobiography was released in April of 2011.  With Under the Broken Halo, I hope to reach out to others struggling with issues and offer them light at the end of their own tunnels. 

I have been a guest on The Authors Show, a featured author on The National Association of Women on the Rise website, and will soon be a guest on Wanda After Dark Radio. 

Please stay tuned for more exciting news and take a moment to sign my guestbook, letting me know what you think.

God Bless,