Being brutally raped by my older brother, molested regularly and beaten by my father, emotionally abused by my mother, and molested by other family members, led me down a very destructive path.  By my teen years I didn't know which way was up and dreamed of either dying or running away.  

I married men like my father, domineering, abusive, and controlling.  Between marriages I hung out with bikers in dimly lit bars engaging in activities that were less than appropriate for a mother of young children.  I made some bad decisions and the cycle of abuse continued in my children, leading my eldest to be incarcerated for rape and eventually being adopted out to another family.

One morning in February of 2009 I woke up and said enough is enough, and decided to start living instead of just existing.  I had faith that I could finally become a whole person and started making arrangements to move on with my life. 

The day I left my third husband, he was waving a gun in my face threatening to blow a hole in anyone that came on "his" property.  Even though I was terrified and shaking, I refused to back down from him.  I packed my stuff, got in my car, and drove away from the nightmare. 

Many times after that I had nightmares of him coming to my new home to kill me.  It took months for me to stop freezing when I heard a truck engine like his. 

I listened to my voice inside, prayed every day, stayed strong and never looked back.  My mission is to inspire others to become survivors and stop considering themselves victims.  If I did it, so can you.



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